History of the almond

Origins and Characteristics

Originally native of central Asia and then exported to Greece, the almond tree was introduced in Sicily by Phoenicians, but it spread to the whole Mediterranean area. This noble plant’s history is strictly related to the historical events that interested the Mare Nostrum. Numerous classical authors mention it: Vergil, both in the Eclogues and in the Georgics; Valeriano in his Hieroglyphs; Pliny the Elder in the famous Naturalis Historia, one of the first books with the objective to catalog all the known natural species. Very longevous, the almond tree is a medium development plant that grows up to a height that ranges between 6 and 8 meters. The blossoming happens early, usually in the period between January and the first days of April, naturally varying based on the climate conditions. Noto Valley, between the provinces of Siracusa and Ragusa, is one of the most important production areas of the best quality almonds. This is the area in which Avola almond is cultivated.

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