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The company’s principal activity is processing and packaging almonds for the dragée industry.


Considered worldwide the queen of almonds, its flat and oval shape makes it perfect for the dragées industry. Hard and smooth shell, with small pores, Pizzuta grows only in a 25 km diameter area surrounding Avola. Thanks to its high content of unsaturated fats, magnesium, vitamin E, calcium and vegetal proteins, this almond has better health properties than those of the other kinds grown in the territory. Remarkable are its sophisticated aromatic notes, its sweetness and the pleasant slightly bitter aftertaste.


Variety characterized by the production of excellent quality, principally destined to the industry of dragées and nougat. It has a big shell (often with dark yellow shades), with a smooth surface and small pores, asymmetrical seed and dark and robust skin. It has a full and balanced taste, with an elegant aftertaste and remarkable persistence. Though not as elegant as Pizzuta, it shares the same delicate fragrance with it.


Also known as “Roman” (from the family of Avola that introduced it in the territory), this almond has a hard and wrinkled shell and an almost triangular shape. Its use is exclusively for confectionery, it is often used for the production of biscuits, almond pastes, marzipan, nougats and granitas. Corrente quality presents the same organic properties as the Pizzuta, but less regularly. With a delicate vanilla background taste, it has a good persistence with a soft honey final.


Gemella (Italian for twin) comes from the Pizzuta and Fascionello varieties, from which takes all its organic properties (but not the shape, that differs from both). Its name comes from the fact that in many shells of this type it is found a double seed. This almond is prevalently used in confectionery products but, due to its shape, it can’t be used for the production of dragées.

TUONO Almond

This variety has the peculiarity to be less rich in oils than all the other types. Its shell is easily broken, revealing just one big seed. Sweet almond Tuono (thunder in Italian) is optimal for the production of nougat, although it is excellent even raw or toasted in the oven.

CALIFORNIAN Almond (importation product)

Californian almonds are often requested by the sweets industry. Their consistency, more elastic and woody than Spanish and Italian kinds, makes it optimal for sliced almonds and almond sticks.

SPANISH Almond (importation product)

With a more wrinkled and signed shape than the other kinds’ one, Spanish almonds have a delicate taste, less aromatic and mellow than the one that characterizes its Italian correspondents. Their use
is very diffused in confectionery, especially in the classical white almond dragées.

Almond FLOUR

Ideal for sweets industry and confectionery


Ideal for sweets industry and confectionery


Ideal for sweets industry and confectionery


Ideal for sweets industry and confectionery

Almond PASTE

Ideal as a base for gelato and semifreddo

Almond LOAF

Ideal for the production of marzipan and almond milk

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